Austin: Webberville and Webberville Ebenezer Baptist Church

The community of Webberville’s founder John F. Webber, an Anglo physician, received a land grant in 1827. With his African American wife and children, he settled this community in an effort to escape discrimination. Cotton brought prosperity to this small community, which boasted almost 400 residents by the turn of the century. As time passed, however, the community began to shrink, and the post office closed in 1903.

The Webberville Ebenezer Baptist Church was founded in 1868, when resident Matthew Duty donated land for the sanctuary construction. Led by the Rev. Wesley Barrow, the church was formed as a mission of the St. John Regular Missionary Baptist Association. Although many of Webberville’s former citizens have moved, the church boasts an active congregation. North of the church, across an open pasture, an iron fence surrounds a few stone markers; this is the Duty family cemetery, where several family members were buried in the 1800s. 

Webberville and Webberville Ebenezer Baptist Church

  • 13 miles east of Austin, TX on FM 969
  • This is an active church. Please be respectful of services.