Blanco: Twin Sisters Dance Hall

Named for the identical hills visible on the horizon from the south facing doorway of the Twin Sisters Dance Hall, this historic structure continues to provide Blanco County and the broader Texas Hill Country the necessary ingredients for German style revelry: a hardwood dance floor and stage, twinkling lights, and a well-oiled bar.  Built in 1879, Twin Sisters upholds its reputation as one of the premier Texas Country performance venues and dance halls, offering a regular schedule of live music and community events. 

The dance hall’s vibrant heritage calls home German-Texan descendants who find familiarity and kinship while playing dominos on picnic tables under the live oak trees outside the hall and while reminiscing about the many evenings in childhood they drifted to sleep on the dance hall’s hardwood floors watching the feet of their parents shuffle in schottische late into the night. 

Twin Sisters Dance Hall