City of Texarkana


Texarkana was platted by the Texas and Pacific Railway in 1873 and the town’s main street, State Line Avenue, was laid out along the dividing line between Texas and Arkansas. The U.S. Post Office and Federal Building conveniently sits in both states, sporting two zip codes, and comes with its own tourist photo island. The Bankhead Highway was first designated through Texarkana in 1917, replacing the earlier Texarkana, Dallas, Fort Worth and El Paso Highway. This designation brought an influx of tourists to the area and many auto-related businesses.  Although Texarkana suffered economically during the Great Depression, the 1940s war effort brought prosperity back to the city. The Red River Army Depot was built along the Bankhead to store and supply ordnance for the Army, and was in operation until 2005.  While in town, take in some live entertainment at the 1924 historic Perot Theatre, learn about Scott Joplin at the Museum of Regional History, and visit the 22-sided Ace of Clubs House, reportedly built with winnings from a poker game.

819 N. State Line Ave.
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