Columbus: Dilue Rose Harris House Museum

Dilue Rose was just 11 years old when the Texas Revolution changed her life forever. The massacre at the Alamo and Goliad – and the advancing Mexican Army – caused her family and many others to flee in the mass exodus known as the “Runaway Scrape”.

Six decades later, she recounted those harrowing experience in her book “Reminiscences”, a remarkable firsthand account of the Texas Revolution. 

Today, the Dilue Rose Harris Museum preserves the historic home she and her husband built in 1858, and where they lived with their nine children. 

Dilue Rose Harris House

  • Hours: By appointment
  • Admission: Adults: $3, Ages 8 and under: $1.50. Five person minimum per tour
  • 602 Washington St , Columbus, TX 
  • 979-732-8353
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