Development Partners

Group of men holding glasses of beer, one with an accordion and some with playing cards while standing in front of brewery and bakery carts

Content for this tour was developed by the Heritage Tourism Program in collaboration with the Texas Heritage Trails Program, many Texas Historical Commission subject experts, and consulting experts. The Heritage Tourism team appreciates assistance from many stakeholders, including from every point of interest in the tour.  A special thank you to the participants listed below.

Advisory Participants

  • Hans C. Boas, University of Texas, Dept. of Germanic Studies; Director, Texas German Dialect Project
  • Ken Hafertepe, Baylor University, Chair, Dept. of Museum Studies
  • Robert Herridge, Texas German Society
  • James Kearney, University of Texas, Dept. of Germanic Studies
  • Connie Krause, German-Texan Heritage Society
  • Charles Locklin, German-Texas Heritage Society
  • Van Massirer, Texas German Society    
  • Gene Preuss, University of Houston, History Dept.

Stakeholder Participants

  • Joyce Bise, Wendish Heritage Museum, Serbin
  • Deb Fleming, Texas Dance Hall Preservation, Inc.
  • Richard Gruetzner, Burnet
  • Robert Krienke, Mason
  • Dorothy Leyendecker, Columbus
  • Ann Lindemann, Industry
  • Bobby Manning, La Grange
  • Joyce Manning, La Grange
  • Betty Rathkamp, La Grange
  • Dan Schoppe, Dallas
  • Steven Sielaff, Baylor University, Waco
  • Glenn Treibs, Fredericksburg   
  • W.M. Von-Maszewski, Rosenberg
  • Lynn Yakubik, Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio