Fort Worth: Greenwood Cemetery

During the First World War, the United States struck a deal with its allies in Great Britain and Canada: they could use the excellent training airfields in Texas, and in return, they would train American pilots for combat.

Today, Greenwood Cemetery holds the unusual distinction of housing the graves of 11 British and Canadian servicemen who were killed during training in Texas during the war.

Also buried nearby is the US Army pilot Ormer Locklear, known as “King of the Wingwalkers”. He was born in Greenville, Texas, and grew up in Fort Worth – where he and his brothers gained a reputation as daredevils. He joined the Army and became a successful pilot, gaining international fame for his stunt flying and role in Hollywood movies. 

Greenwood Cemetery

  • Hours: Daily, sunrise to sunset
  • 3100 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth, TX
  • 817-336-0584