Hearne: Camp Hearne WWII POW Camp

As World War II raged, hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war were brought back to the United States and placed in camps. One of those camps was here in Hearne. Between 1943 and 1945, Camp Hearne housed nearly 5,000 prisoners of war, mostly German. They passed the time playing soccer, putting on theatrical performances, painting scenes from the camp, and even building a replica of a Bavarian castle. Adherent to the Geneva Convention, the POWs could work in the lumber industry, rice fields, or picking crops.

A replica 1942 barrack was constructed on the site in 2011. Visitors to the site can take walk on a wooded trail past the remains of fanciful fountains, castles, and theaters, built by the POWs.

Camp Hearne WWII POW Camp