Hispanic Texans Introduction Transcript

Welcome to the Texas Historical Commission’s mobile tour, Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy.

Even though the first non-native settlers in Texas were Spanish and most Texas place names are rooted in Mexican culture, a lot of people believe Texas history began in 1836—with the Alamo and TexasIndependence from Mexico.

But the history of Hispanic Texas goes all the way back to 1519 when a Spanish explorer claimed it for his King and country.

In the centuries since, Texas has had a rich Hispanic history of conquistadors, missionaries, ranchos, impresarios, vaqueros, revolutionaries, civil right leaders, migrant workers, and many others.

In fact, Texas would not be Texas without the profound influence of Hispanic Texans, whose contributions are substantive, long term, and deeply rooted.

This tour serves as an introduction to the rich and colorful Hispanic experience in Texas and a starting point for all visitors to better appreciate the role of Tejanos in the making of the Lone Star State.