Houston: Glendale Cemetery

The final resting place of Anson Jones – last president of the Texas Republic – Glendale Cemetery has a serene landscape of rolling hills, ravines, and the meandering Buffalo Bayou. Back in 1836 the area was called Harrisburg, and an odd event occurred nearby.

Gail Borden, Jr., a newspaper publisher, had just moved his printing press here – from San Felipe, as Mexican General Santa Anna advanced upon the town. But on the night of April 15th, Santa Anna arrived in Harrisburg – only to find it already partially burned and deserted… except for Borden and two associates. Enraged, Santa Anna – the story goes – picked up Borden’s printing press and heaved it into Buffalo Bayou. He then set fire to destroy what was left of the town.

Six days later, Santa Anna’s army was destroyed nearby at the Battle of San Jacinto. 

Glendale Cemetery