Houston: Project Row Houses

Shotgun houses, defined as narrow rectangular residences usually no more than 12 feet wide and with doors at each end, were built in many southern cities as large numbers of former slaves migrated from the country to the cities in search of opportunity. The term “shotgun house” is widely thought to be a reference to the idea that a blast of shotgun pellets could fly straight through the house end to end if the front and rear doors were open. The plan is thought to have origins in Africa and the Caribbean. 

Spreading across 10 blocks, the Project Row Houses community contains 55 buildings— including 25 shotgun houses and the historic Eldorado Ballroom — many of which have been converted to art spaces, artist residences and mixed-income housing. This unique, community-based project brings together ideals of historic preservation, neighborhood revitalization and cultural education. Project Row Houses hosts events for visitors and community throughout the year. 

Project Row Houses

  • Hours: Exhibition Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 5 p.m.
  • Admission: none
  • 2521 Holman Street, Houston, TX
  • 713-526-7662
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