La Porte: De Zavala Cemetery

This cemetery, transported from the estate of vice president of the Texas Republic Lorenzo de Zavala, holds the remains of a soldier deeply admired on both sides of the Revolutionary divide.  

He was Manuel Fernández Castrillón, a major general under Mexican dictator Santa Anna. On March 6, 1836, when nearly all defenders of the Alamo had been slaughtered, Castrillón implored Santa Anna to spare the lives of a few survivors. Furious that Castrillón had disobeyed his order to take no prisoners, Santa Anna commanded they be executed immediately; the Texian patriot David Crockett may have been among the final victims.

When Castrillón himself died – at the Battle of San Jacinto – De Zavala recovered the bullet-riddled body of his old friend and honored him with a burial in his own family cemetery across the bayou.

De Zavala Cemetery

  • Hours: Daily, sunrise to sunset
  • 3523 Independence Parkway, La Porte, TX
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