New Braunfels: Schuetzen Verein

Like many Texans today, German-Texan men in the 19th century strengthened their social bonds over guns. Shooting clubs, or schuetzen verein, were an important component of German-Texan social life, and most immigrant communities had one. Competitions were family affairs, allowing the settlers to take a mental break from the difficulties of frontier life. The New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein was founded on July 4, 1849 – just four years after the town was settled. Its roots go back even further, though, to Germany, where immigrants bought shares in the club before ever arriving in Texas.

Various artifacts on display in the club show the history of the schuetzen verein. A sign on outside the club reads, “New Braunfels Shuetzen Verein: Where friendly shooters gather.”

New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein