Rio Grande City: Fort Ringgold

Established during the U.S.–Mexico War, this fort became the site of a racial confrontation in 1899. Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th U.S. Cavalry, fresh from victories in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, came to Fort Ringgold refusing to tolerate racial segregation in the local community and harassment by its civilian population. Tensions between the troops and local residents resulted in a disturbance on the night of Nov. 20th, when Lt. E. H. Rubottom ordered his men to open fire with their Gatling guns. One person was injured and, although official investigations into the incident did not result in any changes, the U.S. Army relocated the Buffalo Soliders to avoid further conflict.

Today, the remaining buildings of the fort belong to the local school district and are still in use. 

Fort Ringgold

  • 1 South Ringgold Street, Rio Grande City, TX
  • 956-716-6700
  • National Register of Historic Places