San Antonio: Cos House at La Villita

Legend says that, following his surprising defeat by Texian forces, Mexican General Martín Perfecto de Cos issued his formal surrendered at this house.

Today, visitors to the La Villita Historic District may pass by the Cos House and read an interpretive plaque while exploring neighboring sites that maintain San Antonio’s early history. The Cos House is also available for private events.

About half a mile away, in Milam Park, lies the grave of Ben Milam – the old Kentucky soldier and adventurer who drew a line in the dirt and dared his fellow soldiers to join him in attacking General Cos’ army.

Cos House at La Villita

  • Hours: By reservation
  • 418 Villita St. Suite 901, San Antonio, TX
  • 210-207-8614
  • National Register of Historic Places