San Antonio: Hangar 9

The massive structure of Hangar 9 at Brooks City Base is a National Historic Landmark – and believed to be the only surviving wooden airplane hangar from World War I in its original location. When the US entered the Great War, it rushed to train more pilots. Hangar 9 was hastily constructed here in January 1918 to house the fleet of Curtiss JN-4s (“Jennys”).

Brooks Field was officially established here one month later. The new flying field witnessed many innovations in aviation training, such as the invention of the Ocker Box (to teach instrument-only flying) and early experiments in paratroop jumps. Many aviation pioneers were trained here, including Charles Lindbergh.

Hangar 9’s full renovation was completed in 2017 and now serves the San Antonio community as venue for private events

Hangar 9

  • 8030 Challenger Dr., San Antonio, TX
  • 210-678-3300
  • National Register of Historic Places