San Antonio: King William National Historic District

King William Historic District is one of the most scenic – and historic – neighborhoods in San Antonio.

German immigrants settled in San Antonio in the mid-19th century, many living in the King William District.

As tensions between the United States and Germany increased during the build up to WWI, German Texans fell under the suspicions of Americans. The German language and other elements of German Texan culture were suppressed.

Today, the King William Historic District embraces its German heritage, which visitors may explore at sites such as the German English School, the Beethoven Maennerchor, and the Hermann Sons Ballroom.   

King William Historic District

  • South of downtown and bounded by Durango, South St. Mary’s, Eagleland and the San Antonio River, San Antonio, TX
  • 210-227-8786
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  • National Register of Historic Places