Sanger: Sanger Museum

Noah Batis didn’t fear Indians – he dined with them. Later in life, Batis – who spent 1881 and 1882 taking cattle up the Chisholm Trail – said he remembers crossing paths with a group of natives on the trail, and inviting them to join him for dinner. The Indians brought over to camp one of their delicacies: a bag of turtles. The turtles were roasted in the shells and eaten with “green relish,” as Batis recalled. Batis is Sanger’s best-known trail driver. After retiring from the trail, he’d go on to establish Sanger Stock Farm, known for its fine horses, mules, and other livestock. A resident of Sanger until his death in 1950, Batis also provided veterinary care to his and his neighbors animals.

Sanger Museum

  • Hours: Saturday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Admission: None
  • 511 Fifth St., Sanger, TX
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