Schulenburg: Painted Churches

For German-Texans, the churches that dotted the prairie were their sanctuaries, their reprieve from the difficulties of frontier life. They were structurally sound, and many were quite aesthetically beautiful inside – none more so than those “Churches in Texas with decorative interior painting” – as they are distinguished by the National Register of Historic Places. The beautifully painted ornamentation of the walls and ceilings were the work of German and Czech immigrant painters who mostly arrived after 1900. Fifteen painted churches exist across Texas, most of them clustered in the South Central Texas communities around Schulenberg, like Ammannsville, Dubina, High Hill, and Praha.

Guided tours of four of the painted churches are available through the Greater Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce, and many are open to visitors traveling on their own. 

Painted Churches

  • Guided and self-guided tours available through the Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce
  • 618 N. Main St., Schulenburg, TX
  • 979-748-4514
  • Visit Website
  • National Register of Historic Places