Sisterdale: Sisterdale Valley District

Rural Kendall County – which includes Sisterdale and Kendalia – was once home to a number of German Texan settlements. The Sisterdale Valley District is a region featuring 15 historic buildings – including turn-of-the-century dance halls in Sisterdale and Kendalia.

Sisterdale Dance Hall & Opera House dates to between 1860s and the 1880s. It is a popular wedding and music venue today. Retaining its German-Texan dance hall charm and appeal, Kendalia Halle, was erected in 1903 from Oregon red fir lumber shipped by train to Boerne, then hauled to Kendalia on horse-drawn wagons. Several times a month Kendalia Halle springs to life with energy provided by country bands and enthusiastic fans.

Sisterdale Valley District

  • 13 miles north of Boerne on FM 473, Sisterdale, TX
  • National Register of Historic Places

Sisterdale Dancehall & Opera House

 Kendalia Halle