Stonewall: Sauer-Beckmann Farm at LBJ State Park & Historic Site

Johan and Christine Sauer settled this land in 1869, growing the farm and prospering in agriculture. The Sauers’ original single-room house grew to four rock rooms by the time they sold it to Emil and Emma Beckmann in 1908. Their 1915 cotton harvest was profitable enough to finance a new barn and a house in the then fashionable late Victorian style.

Immerse yourself in the chores, the cooking, the animals, and the people of early 20th century German-Texan farm life at the living history Sauer-Beckmann Farm. Maybe Emma is cooking lunch over the wood-burning stove, or gathering eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. Talk with Emil after he’s returned from plowing the garden with his team of horses or milked one of the cows. History is vividly brought to life in this interactive German-Texan farm experience.

Sauer-Beckman Living History Farm at LBJ State Park & Historic Site