World War II on the Texas Home Front

Three women with suitcases at entrance to airfield with sign saying Avenger Field Aviation Enterprises Ltd
Texan civilians arrive at Avenger Field in Sweetwater to train as Women Airforce Service Pilots.

From boulevards of broken crystal to the bombing of Hiroshima, the history of World War Two remains vividly emblazoned on the American imagination.  However, stories of American heroism abroad often overshadow the incredible efforts of soldiers and civilians on the home front and conceal the profound effects of the war on American domestic life.   

The Texas Historical Commission’s mobile tour World War Two on the Texas Home Front explores the legacy of the war effort in Texas. From Navy shipbuilding yards and Army airfields to POW camps and enemy internment facilities, this tour guides travelers to the real places that tell the real stories of Texan contributions to the 20th century’s greatest conflict.